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PrismNet voice services are designed for the demanding needs of business customers, providing extremely high voice quality and carrier-class calling features. 24 x 7 support is available by calling our main support line at 512-XXX-XXXX. Specific IP Phone user guides and links to manufacturer support may be found under the Phone Info section below. Our Quick Voicemail Set-Up section explains how the system works, shows a notification example, and gives screenshots of the system. Answers to frequently asked questions may be found in the FAQ section

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  1. I cannot make or receive calls, or am experiencing disconnects, noise or other call affecting issues - Please contact our 24 x 7 support line at 512-XXX-XXXX.
  2. I need to know what network requirements are to use my IP phone or ATA remotely - the network to which you are attaching needs to have access to the internet and be full duplex (transmits in both directions simultaneously), if more than one IP phone or ATA is operating within it. Routers, firewalls and switches supporting your service need to negotiate at preferably 100Mbps, and definitely full duplex. IP udp ports 5060-5070 and 16384 - 32768 must be open in all intermediate firewalls for operation to occur. 10baseT (10Mbps, half duplex) LAN segments may cause choppy audio during LAN data transfers or when multiple IP telephony devices are operating.
  3. When I'm on an external (to PrismNet) broadband connection, my 3-way calls have audio problems on one of the legs of the call - 3-way calls are connected at the IP phone or ATA, therefore, the calls require twice the bandwidth of a 2-way call. You must have 128K of free bandwidth in both directions for the call; take into account other applications you have running on the broadband service as well. Services like Time Warner's Road-Runner Lite and lower-tiered DSL, for example, may exhibit this type of problem.
  4. I've taken my IP phone or ATA to a remote location and desire 911 service at that location - please send an email, with high-priority set, to PrismNet Support with the full physical address of your present location. Allow one working day for the changes to take effect.
  5. I need to setup my voicemail, or understand the email notification or account web access - please see our Voicemail Quick Set-Up section.
  6. I forgot my voicemail password - please send an email to PrismNet Support. Your password will be reset and we will notify you.
  7. I need to change my auto-attendant announcement (greeting) - if your auto-attendant is part of an integrated corporate mailbox, (it lets you leave a message at the end of the auto-attendant greeting) you can change the main greeting, or make an alternate greeting by dialing the number that accesses it, entering * and the password, and proceeding as a normal voicemail box set up (see Quick Voicemail Set-Up). If it is not part of an integrated corporate mailbox (doesn't allow a message to be left after the auto-attendant greeting), please send a email with the attached greeting you produced and wish to use (in .wav or mp3) to If your message was recorded by PrismNet, please email the requested changed greeting to PrismNet Support.
  8. I need to know how to use a specific call feature, like call forward, call transfer, etc - Features are primarily controlled by the phone or ATA you are using. Please consult the user manual for your device under our Phone Info section.
  9. I need detailed reporting on my call activity - Presently, for an additional charge, PrismNet offers custom call reports in Access Report, Excel, Word, CSV or TXT formats. Contact PrismNet sales for further info. In the future we will additionally offer web access to generate viewable/printable call reports.
  10. I attached an IP Phone that PrismNet did not provide or configure to my PrismNet internet service, and it doesn't work - all devices must be configured and be known to PrismNet to be operational. Please contact PrismNet Support.
  11. Rarely, the number that parties receive on their Caller ID when I call them does not match my own - in rare cases some providers to which PrismNet passes calls do not relay the Caller Number information, or substitute a generic number. This is especially applicable to very rural locations served by independent telcos. If this condition is persistent or wide-spread, please contact PrismNet Support.


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